2015 Crikey Trikey Joy Rides

Custom Joy Rides

Custom Joy Rides

Trike is available for custom joy rides, weddings formals or special occasions. 






Gift Certificates


Looking for that special gift for someone who has everything. Doesn't matter what age a person is give them a gift certificate and let them experience the freedom of a trike. Gift certificates are available for any trike cruise or custom a cruise to suit. Prices start from $70 a half hour for two people to $120 for an  hour joy ride. 















Want to put that wow factor into your fund raiser!. Looking for a raffle that is a little different. Crikey Trikey offers 15% discount for non profit organisations or clubs. Choose a ride from our joy rides or tailor a ride to suit.

Formals, Weddings, Birthdays



Formals, weddings or birthdays from $120 per hour. Children must be 8 years old. 

Please contact us for more details and prices. 

Mobile Bill Boarding


Opening a new Business, having a sale or special event?

Business not being noticed

Want to stand out in the crowd? We can help.

Our Trike turns heads whereever we go!

If you need to get your Business Name out there, or you are launching a New Business or product, Promoting a Sale or Event, Mobile Billboards will draw attention to whatever it is you want to Promote. We can tailor a package to personally suit you. Packages from one to four hour routes available.

Need to advertise an event to draw a crowd!

Staff can dress up in costume and sit on the back with your business sign towed behind. Staff will have to wear helmets.

You will need to provide two posters

The size of the poster is A0 - Width is 1189 mm Height is 841 mm

Prices start from $150 for one hour

Book a five hour package for $600

Book a ten hour package for $1100.

These packages can be scheduled over a period of time.

Want to find out more contact Steve on

Email admin@localattractions.net.au

Or call Steve on Mob: 0432 902 039

Doing business without advertising is like blinking in the dark you know what you are doing but nobody else does!! 

Mobile Billboarding Advertising Works



  • Outdoor Advertising delivers results

  • Did you know that Billboarding generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard

  • 97% of in car audiences indicated they noticed the ads


Tips for designing your poster


Tips for designing your poster


For Billboards, Six Words or Less is Ideal.

Name, phone number, website

Don’t Say It, Show It. Pictures speak a 1000 words

Billboards Should Be Smart, But Not Too Clever

Make the billboard interesting, a memory that captures the appeal of the client and will last. 

All prices are per tour and include up to 2 passengers